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Registered Charity no. 288725

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NMSCS is one of the most popular events in the south with a wide variety of steam engines and many crafts to choose from!

There is way too much fun for one day!

22nd, 23rd and 24th July 2016


If you’re looking for a great, fun filled day out with the family, you’ll love Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Show! As we go into our 45th year, you can see that from the very beginning every year we aim for the best. We have a large committee which enables us to host a wide range of attractions that everyone can enjoy from steam engines to motorcycles and cars.

Looking to try something different? Then look no further than Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Show as we have a wide range of foods available for you to try.

From the start this annual three day event has become one of the largest shows in the south. We enable you to travel back in time and see how people lived more than 100 years ago!

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As we enter our 45th Anniversary, we will be looking back over the years of the hard work you have achieved! The link below leads to a wide range of photos split up into the different years! Have a look and reflect on your memories!!

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